The Protection Manager will lead the monitoring, evaluation, the design and the actual implementation of ASB’s protection and psychosocial activities in 4 refugee camps in Greece (Diavata, Katasikas, Filipiada and Doliana).


Job Title: Protection Manager
Location: Thessaloniki / Northern Greece
Duration: 4 months with possibility of extension
Salary: Level 5- Manager

Background/ASB Summary:

The “Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland (ASB)” is a German aid and welfare organization with more than 300 branches at national, regional, district and municipal level all over Germany. More than 1.2 million members provide a broad social basis for our organization and more than 20,000 employees as well as over 17,000 volunteers form part of the ASB ensuring a high level of quality in areas such as rescue services, civil protection and social services. Since its foundation in 1888, the ASB has acted as a politically and denominationally independent association ensuring a high level of continuity and reliability.

ASB Foreign Aid Department provides both direct emergency relief to people hit by man-made or natural disasters and longer-term rehabilitation measures designed to promote recovery and to rapidly help restore the livelihood of refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable people. ASB currently has a portfolio of more than 50 relief, rehabilitation, development and DRR projects in countries like Niger, Nicaragua, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, Georgia, Ukraine, Iraq and Greece.

ASB started its activities in Greece in March 2016, focusing on the provision of Humanitarian Aid to refugees/migrants. In 2017 ASB Greece has built the technical facilities and shelters for the Diavata camp and it is currently operating the Site Management Support (SMS) role at this site. Through our partners WAHA and ARSIS, ASB also supports the provision of health and protection services towards refugees and migrants in Greece. Our main donor is DG ECHO, but we have also received funds from the German Foreign Ministry and own private donations. The ASB country office is based in Thessaloniki.

Currently ASB Greece is having operations both in Thessaloniki (Diavata) and Epirus Region (Katsikas, Filipiada, and Doliana) of Greece. The central office of ASB in Epirus is in Ioannina – reporting towards the main country office in Thessaloniki.

Job Overview/Summary:

ASB Greece, together with our partner ARSIS, supports PoCs in 4 different locations in Greece: Diavata, Katsikas, Filipiada and Doliana. All the sites mentioned are open camps, however they all offer a different level of structures and facilities. In the cooperation with ARSIS under this ECHO funded project ASB is responsible for SMS-activities, while ARSIS is running all the protection activities. ASB has SMS-teams and WASH/Shelter teams operating at the different sites, under the management of an SMS-Manager and a WASH/Shelter Manager.

ASB has found that currently it is lacking capacity to provide/manage protection related issues within our organisation and within the project. This is partly because new requirements have been added to the SMS-teams, mainly related to referrals to services and programs not covered by the project at the mentioned sites. Also the influx of a large number of unregistered PoCs to the sites means that additional capacity is needed.

The Protection Manager will lead the monitoring, evaluation, the design and the actual implementation of ASB’s protection and psychosocial activities in 4 refugee camps in Greece (Diavata, Katasikas, Filipiada and Doliana). The current project activities overseen by the Protection Manager will focus on the assessment of the current capacity related to protection issues and then suggest measures on how to improve them. This currently relates to Non-Formal Education activities, vulnerability assessment of PoCs and referrals to UNHCR ESTIA Programme, provision of legal aid and appropriate psychosocial support activities.

General Task and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and oversee the implementation of all protection activities,
  • Provide technical guidance and supervision to ASB and its implementing partner staff (ARSIS) and engage with relevant stakeholders.
  • Lead capacity building initiatives and trainings related to counselling and psychosocial support with a focus on children, adolescents and adults.
  • Provide input on the MEAL strategy and structures of ASB Greece, especially related to complaint mechanisms and accountability.

Specific Tasks:

Management and Coordination:

  • Represent ASB publicly at the field-level on Protection -related issues, including in coordination fora, with other agencies and local authorities, and for providing the direct link in communications between ASB’s Protection activities in Greece and the organization’s Thessaloniki-based Programme Coordinator.
  • Coordinate the main streaming of protection related issues with ASB staff, especially the SMS and WASH/Shelter teams who are working at the mentioned sites. Coordination with both the SMS and WASH/Shelter Managers is very important;
  • Responsibility for the setup, recruitment and daily management of all Protection and NFE programming in 4 refugee camps in Greece. This responsibility includes ensuring positive and collaborative working relationships in line with ASB’s Code of Conduct and assessing staff capacity to provide or recommend relevant training or coaching as needed. If this is actually required depends on the continuation of the project in 2019.
  • Supervise implementing partner ARSIS and their team and support respectful and positive working relationships which allow for the effective implementation of all protection activities. This is to be achieved through leadership, team building, day-to-day support, capacity-building and strong, generalist knowledge of core MHPSS and Protection concepts.


  • Lead in the daily management of all Protection activities in refugee camp as per national and international standards and best practices, ensuring technical rigor and the consistent application of ASB’s protection approaches, methods and tools.
  • Promote improved understanding of Protection issues among ASB staff and relevant stakeholders, and ensure the observance of international MHPSS, protection and humanitarian standards. To achieve this, and in line with ASB’s anticipated protection activities to be implemented over the course of 2018, the Protection Manager will play a key role in developing and supporting with the facilitation of trainings, workshops and mentoring opportunities for ASB, ARSIS and humanitarian staff, refugee community members and other stakeholders. The position will similarly play a key role in the development of culturally appropriate information, education and communications materials.
  • Conduct needs assessments to inform program design as well as identify risks and vulnerabilities, including those related to gender, age and diversity.
  • Ensure that ethical and statistically-sound data collection and protection-related information management systems are in place and used for analysis, planning, evaluation, and advocacy. This is done with the MEAL team of ASB Greece;
  • Collaborate closely with ASB’s Programme Coordinator to ensure technical rigor and the consistent application of ASB’s Protection approaches, methods and tools
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of ASB’s Protection programming in Greece through active and ongoing participation in and contribution to strategic planning meetings and development of strategic documents.
  • Work with the Epirus Area Coordinator, Programme Coordinator, and Country Director to contribute to new project development, including both narratives and budgets.
  • Ensure the timely and quality delivery of all Protection-related organizational and project reports and staff contributions to organizational monitoring and evaluation requirements to ensure project quality, relevance and accountability to ASB’s beneficiary populations.
  • Collaborate with the Epirus Area Manager and Programme Coordinator to ensure field-based MHPSS, Referral, NFE and protection records and documentation are properly managed and compliant with ASB requirements and best practices.
  • Support staff to integrate Protection concerns and awareness in other sectors.

Finance and Administration:

  • Assume responsibility as primary budget holder of all Protection-related activities and lead the development of Protection -specific budgets and spending plans.
  • Maintain a budget overview of all Protection activities and collaborate regularly with the Epirus Area Manager and Thessaloniki-based finance team to monitor spending and ensure the timely utilization of funds.

Human Resources:

  • Promote professional development by identifying training and capacity building opportunities and ensure ARSIS and ASB field staff are well versed in core concepts, ASB’s code of conduct, accountability, respectful dialogue with the refugee population, and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • Collaborate with the Programme Coordinator and the Epirus Area Manager to ensure ARSIS staff have clear objectives, work plans and that performance evaluations are conducted on a regular basis.

Logistics and Procurement:

  • Collaborate with the logistics and procurement teams to develop and maintain Protection and NFE -specific procurement plans.
  • Regularly review Protection and NFE related procurement plans with the Thessaloniki and Epirus-based procurement, logistics and finance teams to adjust spending as required in advance of project closure.

Safety and Security:

  • Coordinate with the ACD and Epirus Head of Office in ensuring the safety of all ASB and Arsis staff.


  • During his/her work, uphold all relevant ASB standards, codes of conduct, and humanitarian principles;
  • Act in a way that is sensitive to gender, protection, the environment and other important cross-cutting concerns;
  • Fully comply with the ASB safety and security procedures.

This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skills, effort, duties and responsibilities associated with position. All staff of ASB is expected to be flexible and contribute constructively towards achieving the goals of ASB in Greece.

Reports to: Programme Coordinator

Collaborations: Country Director, Programme Coordinator, Area Coordinator



In this position, you are expected to demonstrate each of five core competencies:

  • Striving for excellence: You focus on reaching results through the country team both to position ASB and ensure excellence in all deliverables.
  • Collaborating: You lead initiatives at country operation level by involving relevant parties and encouraging feedback.
  • Taking the lead: You take ownership and initiative while aiming for innovation.
  • Communicating: You listen to beneficiaries, staff and other stakeholders; and you communicate concisely and persuasively
  • Demonstrating integrity: You act in line with ASB’s vision and values and set a very clear standard for your country team members.

Experience and Technical Competencies:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a recognized institution.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience providing directly psychological support in an individual or group setting for adults, children and adolescents.
  • Experience in family therapy and working with clients with PTSD highly desirable.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in setting up, implementing, and supervising protection programs.
  • Experience in capacity building of staff including training and technical supervision.
  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience in NGO, and substantial experience in MHPSS.
  • Experience in team-building and engagement with communities; familiarity with needs-based participatory approach.
  • Experience of working in camp contexts.
  • Knowledge of and experience in using established inter-agency standards and guidelines in MHPSS and child protection, such as the IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings, the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, Inter-agency Guidelines on Separated and Unaccompanied Children and IASC Guidelines in Emergencies.
  • Proven commitment to accountability and quality assurance.
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills.
  • Experience in managing staff
  • Experience working in cross-cultural, multi-sector and/or remote environments.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in adverse conditions.
  • Substantial project management skills and experience
  • Have a good sense of humour;
  • Commitment to learning and implementing organizational policies and procedures.
  • Full proficiency in Microsoft Office.

How to apply:

All interested parties are requested to submit their CV and Cover Letter in English to the following address:  clearly stating the position in the subject field.

The deadline for submission is August 20th 2018.

By applying to this Job Advertisement, the applicant concedes that ASB Greece will
manage any data provided by her/ him until the end of this process and only.

If the applicant wishes for the data to be kept for a period of 6 months, in order to be included in other similar
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“I concede and allow ASB Greece to keep the documents/ files and data included in them, for a period
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