Invitation to Quote (ITQ): Heating diesel 10.000 Lt for the WASH facilities at Doliana Long-Term Accommodation Site

General Information:  ASB invites for submission of quotations  with sealed bids from eligible applicants for the above services. The supplier  must follow the, minimum required criteria, expected Deliverables, mandatory submission documents, as described in the following file: [download id=”2160″]

Quotations must be submitted:  On sealed envelopes delivered at ASB Branch Office at Ioannina, Logistics department,  (11 Arhiepiskopou Makariou str, ground floor, Ioannina 45221) from 09:00-17:00, Tel. 2651607034  by 17, April 2019 14:00 p.m. EET. Submission to any other method, deems quotation as invalid. To be eligible your financial offer , must be expressed in Lt, stating Unit price per Lt. Cost should be expressed in euros and include VAT, labor, transportation, delivery and all other relevant costs. ASB will prepare a Purchase Order for the awarded offer. Unit price of the Purchase Order MUST NOT exceed the 3% of the Unit price stated on the quotation and MUST NOT exceed the daily average rate for the region as published on Hellenic Ministry of Development & Competitiveness.

Availability to perform the works by 24 of April 2019 .

Delivery address: Former student residence Doliana, 440 04, Epirus Region, Greece

To be eligible must submit Updated tax-free certificate / Φορολογική Ενημερότητα. Updated social contribution free certificate / Ασφαλιστική ενημερότητα. Acceptance of all terms and conditions of this ITQ along with Annex 2 Privacy statement for processing of personal data within the implementation of the public procurement procedures organised by ASB Greece by signing on page 10.

Questions / Clarification requests:
Should you have questions about this ITQ please contact