Annual Report 2018: 130 years anniversary

ASB celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2018. As one of the leading aid providers, ASB has once again met the expectations of its slogan “We help here and now”. Our 1.3 million members ensure that the nearly 40,000 employees and the 20,000 volunteers provide daily support to those who need it.

According to the annual report, in 2018 ASB has expanded its operations by constructing four additional long-term accommodation centers in Epirus aiming to provide more efficient housing and essential supplies to incoming refugees. Thanks to this, an additional 150 housing units were created for the beneficiaries, which resulted in the ability to accommodate and support nearly 6,000 refugees.

In addition to expanding the long-term accommodation centers in Epirus, emphasis was also given to the development of the ones in Diavata, Thessaloniki. As reported in the annual report, in addition to providing emergency assistance, housing, food, etc., refugees are also provided with psychosocial and legal support, as well as with access to educational programs. ASB aims to gradually transfer the refugee needs to local authorities, while empowering the refugee’s autonomy too.

In addition to actions in Germany and Greece, ASB has once again played an important role in providing support to a global scale. The organization’s network extends to dozens of countries, providing the necessary assistance to any kind of need, whether they are affected by natural disasters, refugees etc.

The ASB network operates in nearly 30 countries, providing support in the event of natural disasters, smoothly addressing refugee issues, as well as empowering local communities. According to the annual report, in 2018 ASB provided significant medical support to Zambia, a country with a high number of infectious diseases. ASB then played an important role in managing the flow of refugees to Niger from the neighboring countries in warzones. In addition to refugee and medical needs, disaster relief efforts in Central America and Asia were supported, with ASB taking over the construction of emergency facilities and disaster preventing strategies in countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, Indonesia, etc.

ASB also sought to strengthen relations with various European countries such as Romania and Ukraine, as well as with the Western Balkans. Cooperation with Iran continued to address local issues, while educational activities were carried out in Nepal and the Philippines.

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