ASB Annual Report 2017

ASB has been supporting Greece in coping with the refugee crisis since 2015.

As an innovative social service provider and strong partner in civil protection, emergency services and foreign aid, the ASB has proven itself again in 2017. Around 1.3 million members support our 60,000 voluntary and full-time members.
Employees who save lives every day, help in crisis areas, care for the elderly, look after children and support people with disabilities. 

65 million people are on the run worldwide – more than ever before. In most cases people flee violence and war within their own country, 22.5 million seek refuge in other countries. The ASB helps the refugees worldwide to the best of its ability: It provides people with meals or food, builds refugee shelters and ensures their hygienic and medical care. Where possible, the ASB also provides education for the children and offers psychosocial support to alleviate the plight of the displaced persons. 

ASB has been supporting Greece in coping with the refugee crisis since 2015: the association provides relief supplies such as tents, food and medicines, provides psychosocial and medical care and now advocates inclusion and integration in schools and the labour market. The ASB has also donated six ambulances to Greek local authorities and opened a refugee camp in Thessaloniki. 

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