ASB Protection team in cooperation with the Women Counselling Centre of Ioannina

The ASB Protection team in cooperation with the Women Counseling Center of Ioannina organised an online presentation of the Centre with the support of IOM-Greece

According to the General Secretariat for Demography, Family Policy and Gender Equality “Women in the 21st century are still the majority of the economically disadvantaged, more vulnerable to poverty, social exclusion and violence and face greater financial difficulties.”


The ASB Protection Team regularly holds meetings and discussions for and with women, this time the team organized an info-session with the Women’s Counseling Center of Ioannina which addressed refugee women through an online presentation of the Centre’s services.

During the one hour online
presentation, Elina Papageorgiou, a lawyer working at the Centre, explains that “the Women Counselling Center of Ioannina is part of a Pan-Hellenic Network addressing all women regardless of origin and nationality who belong to vulnerable groups. It is staffed by a social worker, a psychologist and a lawyer who plays an advisory role (and as such cannot represent women in courts).”

Since 2016 the Women Counselling Center of Ioannina has helped several women from different countries. The centre adapted its activities to the Covid pandemic and for almost two years now, the appointments are made via skype, online.

The interesting aspect for the refugee audience is that for their sessions with the specialized staff of the Center, they can be helped by mobile phone communication with interpreters based in Athens.

“We are here to listen to women without discrimination. At the same time, we can refer women who need it to temporary accommodation in a safe place “, stressed Eleni Papageorgiou. The women were also informed about the procedure they should follow if they felt they needed support and given emergency numbers where they can voice their concern.

The group of women who regularly and actively participate in thematic discussions were reunited once more. Younger and older women showed a keen interest and asked many questions. After the discussion and questions, they expressed joy and relief. They also shared that they are a closely-knit group and happy that they can express themselves freely without restraint by getting help and support from the protection team, especially the ASB psychologist, social worker and lawyer.

Further activities are in the pipeline!