ASB Vacancy: Information Communications & Technology (ICT) Officer – Ioannina

The ICT Officer supports the operations department and reports towards the Logistics Manager based in Thessaloniki

Job Title: Information Communications & Technology (ICT) Officer
Department: Operations
Location: Ioannina
Salary: L4; S1-S7
Period: 01/01/2021 – 30/06/2021

1. Background/ASB Summary:

ASB Germany:

The “Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland (ASB)” is a German aid and welfare organization with more than 300 branches at national, regional, district and municipal level all over Germany. More than 1.2 million members provide a broad social basis for our organization and more than 20,000 employees as well as over 17,000 volunteers form part of the ASB ensuring a high level of quality in areas such as rescue services, civil protection and social services. Since its foundation in 1888, the ASB has acted as a politically and denominationally independent association ensuring a high level of continuity and reliability.

ASB Foreign Aid:

ASB Foreign Aid Department provides both direct emergency relief to people hit by man-made or natural disasters and longer-term rehabilitation measures designed to promote recovery and to rapidly help restore the livelihood of refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable people. ASB currently has a portfolio of more than 50 relief, rehabilitation, development and DRR projects in countries like Niger, Nicaragua, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, Georgia,  Ukraine, Iraq and Greece.

ASB Greece:

ASB started its activities in Greece in March 2016, focusing on the provision of Humanitarian Aid to refugees/migrants. In 2017 ASB Greece built the technical facilities and shelters for the Diavata camp. In 2018, ASB Greece acquired three accommodation sites in the Epirus Region (Katsikas, Filippiada and Doliana). In 2019, ASB with the funding of the Directorate – General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Union (DG HOME) and in coordination with IOM is implementing the “Improving the Greek Reception System Through Site Management Support and Targeted Interventions in Long – Term Accommodation Sites” project. The project focuses on Site Management Support (SMS) services and includes Protection and Non-Formal Education. In 2020 ASB with the funding of the Directorate – General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Union (DG HOME) and in coordination with IOM is implementing the Program “Supporting the Greek Authorities in Managing the National Reception System for Asylum Seekers and Vulnerable Migrants (SMS)”. )”. ASB will continue supporting the Greek authorities into 2021 with the funding of DG HOME and in coordination with IOM. The ASB country office is based in Thessaloniki, while the Epirus regional office is in Ioannina.

2. Job Overview/Summary:

The ICT Officer supports the operations department and reports towards the Logistics Manager based in Thessaloniki: S/he is an essential part of the team in Ioannina and ensures that all needs in terms of ICT are met, in line with ASB and Donor regulations.

General Task and Responsibilities:

Create or maintain the IT system in all ASB offices and ensure the proper functioning of equipment and network to meet office needs and demands in coordination with Operations Coordinator. Cooperate with Program and Operations departments to ensure timely and effective troubleshooting on IT related issues. Support ASB offices with software and hardware solutions.

3. Specific Tasks

Policies and Trainings

  • Create and distribute the ASB IT Systems Policy on appropriate use. Orient staff on appropriate use and monitor use activities to ensure adherence to these policies.
  • Conduct staff training on computer basics and the use of MS Office applications and networking. Assist, as needed, with developing databases or other windows application needs for program and operational staff;

Security and Back Up

  • Regularly update anti-virus programs ensuring the entire network and computers are virus-free;
  • Establish a clear, back-up modus operandi for the ASB offices in Greece and undertake the necessary steps for this activity including designing a schedule and materials list. Ensure back up and archives are made and stored as scheduled;

Network/ LAN

  • Undertake the repairing and maintaining of LAN-s, internet systems and general IT maintenance and training in the ASB offices – as per needs outlined by the Head of Office and Operations Coordinator.
  • Maintain an efficient Local Area Network for ASB office. Do not change the current design of configurations without written approval by Head of Office and Country Director. Current designs are appropriate for the programmatic needs for the ASB offices and any additions or changes require prior approval and planning.

Hardware/ Equipment

  • Oversee repair of computers and IT equipment at a local level, when possible – facilitate and advise on best, safest and most economic solutions.
  • Identify equipment and accessories required for the smooth functioning of computers and IT equipment in ASB offices. Facilitate the purchase of items through the Procurement Department.
  • Assist in the identifying specification, relocation and assembly of any equipment including computers, printers, accessories and satellite systems in all Greek offices, as required;
  • Assist in administration functions as needed; assist logistics staff in inventorying and tracking IT assets.


  • Maintain proper documentation of all IT equipment including; system profiles, warranties and IT stock/accessories; Organize and maintain central filing system of satellite systems in ASB Greece;
  • Advise and assist implement IT related programmatic activities including information provision with/without online updates
  • Work closely with program team to improve and enhance IT related aspects of the programs

Privacy and Data Management

  • Responsible use and confidentiality of any information identified as sensitive;
  • Responsible for any security issue related to data protection and management.

The extra- mile

  • Supports, when and as requested by the Logistics Manager, the other offices in ICT procedures, physically or via remote support
  • Proposes and organizes the basis for framework agreements, along with the Logistics Manager
  • Works closely along with the Logistics Officer/ Procurement Officer and is part of specific task achieving groups
  • Collaborates with the program officers, understanding their needs and giving valuable feedback on planned procurement, under the instructions of the Logistics Manager
  • Participates in ICT or other logistics related meetings, advises the Logistics Manager accordingly
  • Provides with expertise in ICT and works towards improvement of the whole department, by giving feedback on procedures, documentation and outstanding issues.


  • Knowledge of WordPress CMS, Website Development/Maintenance, Website Front End and Back End;
  • During his/her work, uphold all relevant ASB standards, codes of conduct, and humanitarian principles;
  • Act in a way that is sensitive to gender, protection, the environment and other important cross-cutting concerns;
  • Fully comply with the ASB safety and security procedures
  • Any other task as required by the supervisor;

This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skills, effort, duties and responsibilities associated with position. All staff of ASB is expected to be flexible and contribute constructively towards achieving the goals of ASB in Greece.

4. Reports to:

Logistics Manager

5. Staff Management

a. None

6. Collaborations

a. Logistics Officer

b. Procurement Officers

c. All field staff

7. Requirements:

  • BS/BA in Information technology or related field. MS/MA preferred.
  • At least 3 years of experience in information technology system (IT) is required with focus on managing projects with time sensitive deliverables in complex settings.
  • Experience in both hardware and software requirements in local area networking (LAN)
  • Experience in the configuration of internal email system as per the local area networking (LAN)
  • Exclusive knowledge of internet, proxy, pop mail, and TCPIP settings, Linux and windows applications.
  • Experience for upright maintenance of all internet account, Logins and account status
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members is required
  • Ability to troubleshoot, plan and design low maintenance systems is a must
  • Ability to trouble-shoot and maintain both wireless and cable connections is required
  • Must understand, follow and implement existing policies on IT equipment use and best practices.
  • Effective verbal and written communication in Greek and English is required
  • Availability to travel between office locations is required

Openness to accept ASB’s Greece working values, such as

  1. Open, Honest and Professional Relationships
  2. On time, Open and clear horizontally and vertically communication
  3. Transparency
  4. Integrity
  5. Positive Team Work
  6. Productive attitude to excellence
  7. Recognition and rewarding
  8. Pride for the Humanitarian Orientation
  9. Willingness for the extra mile
  10. Collaboration for professional evolution, training and learning

8. Benefits

  • Standard twenty-four days of paid leave per year (plus seniority legal additions);
  • Extra private life and accident insurance;
  • Relocation accommodation bonus, 7 days if applicable to the position
  • Organizational phone, with monthly credit;
  • Transportation to and from work, with an organizational mini bus;

9. Base of Position

Ioannina, Greece

10. Length of contract

Six (6) months initial contract with possibility for extension

11. How to apply:

All interested parties are requested to submit their CV and Cover Letter in English to the following address: hr@asb.grclearly stating the “ ICT-OFF/IOA ” on the subject field.

The deadline for application submission is December 31st 2020 at 23:59 hrs.

By applying to this Job Advertisement, the applicant concedes that ASB Greece will manage any data provided by her/ him until the end of this process and only.

If the applicant wishes for the data to be kept for a period of 6 months, in order to be included in other similar recruitment process, should be clearly stated in the application email by copying the exact following:

“ I concede and allow ASB Greece to keep the documents/ files and data included in them, for a period of 6 months, starting from the date of dispatch, and in order to be used only for the purpose of further recruitment that I might be suitable. I have the right to recall this consent at any point, by sending a written application in the form of email to ”.