Job Description
Job Title: Ukrainian refugees’ situation and needs assessment expert
Department: Programme
Location: Thessaloniki, Northern Greece
Period: Three months until 31/07/2022 with possibility of extension
Salary(1) : L5 S1-7



  1. Background/ASB Summary:


ASB Germany 

The “Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland (ASB)” is a German aid and welfare organization with more than 300 branches at national, regional, district and municipal level all over Germany.  More than 1.2 million members provide a broad social basis for our organization and more than 20,000 employees as well as over 17,000 volunteers form part of the ASB ensuring a high level of quality in areas such as rescue services, civil protection and social services. Since its foundation in 1888, the ASB has acted as a politically and denominationally independent association ensuring a high level of continuity and reliability.


ASB Foreign Aid

ASB Foreign Aid Department provides both direct emergency relief to people hit by man-made or natural disasters and longer-term rehabilitation measures designed to promote recovery and to rapidly help restore the livelihood of refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable people. ASB currently has a portfolio of more than 50 relief, rehabilitation, development and DRR projects in countries like Niger, Nicaragua, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Indonesia, Mozambique, Haiti, Georgia, Ukraine, Iraq and Greece.


ASB Greece

“Arbeiter Samariter Bund Deutschland e.V (ASB) started its activities in Greece in March 2016, focusing on the provision of Humanitarian Aid to refugees/migrants. Between 2016 and 2018 the ASB implemented two major projects funded by the European Union (DG ECHO) and the German Federal Foreign Ministry. In 2017 the ASB built the technical facilities and shelters for the Long-Term Accommodation Centre (LTAC) of Diavata and in 2018, ASB acquired four accommodation sites in the Epirus Region (Katsikas, Filippiada, Doliana and Konitsa).

In 2019, the ASB with the funding of the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Union (DG HOME) and in coordination with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) implemented the “Improving the Greek Reception System Through Site Management Support and Targeted Interventions in Long – Term Accommodation Sites” project for the sites of Diavata, Filippiada, Katsikas and Doliana.

In 2020 and until December 2021 the ASB implemented the Program “Supporting the Greek Authorities in Managing the National Reception System for Asylum Seekers and Vulnerable Migrants (SMS)”, for the LTAC of Diavata (Thessaloniki region), Katsikas, Filippiada, Doliana and with the addition of the LTAC of Agia Eleni.

As of January 2022 maintenance, security and cleaning services have been taken over by the Greek State while ASB in cooperation with IOM is implementing the project of Harmonizing Protection Practices in Greece (HARP 2022) and making efforts to cover current gaps in service provision and will continue to do so until full handover of all services is completed.

The ASB country office HQ is based in Thessaloniki, while the Epirus regional office is in Ioannina”


  1. Job Overview/Summary:

The Ukraine refugees’ situation and needs assessment expert is responsible for assessment, research, design and proposal preparation by identifying opportunities for ASB engagement in humanitarian response towards Ukrainian refugees currently residing in northern Greece. The role focuses on assisting the ASB Senior Management Team (SMT) in identifying, establishing and developing project proposals and submitting them to potential donors and partners. The Ukraine refugees’ situation and needs assessment expert will lead the development of the proposal development and submission liaising where appropriate with internal and external stakeholders.


During and after the assessment, s/he is responsible to support the quality control, lessons learned and reporting, towards the Country Director.


  1. General Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support ASB Senior Management in the development and the implementation of new project opportunities with partners and donors and highlighting based on evidence and research any programmatic, operational, reputational or other risks associated with the pursuance or implementation of projects.
  • Required to have excellent understanding of humanitarian context related to the current Ukrainian refugee crisis, including in Greece, as well as ability to communicate directly with beneficiaries.
  • Ensure project development activities and project proposals are harmonized with existing partners and internal policies (UNHCR, IOM, Greek Authorities).
  • Maintain a broad and deep understanding of donor policies, regulations, and procedures and be responsible for assessing the donor landscape for additional opportunities beyond those already known to ASB.
  • Effectively assess all financial, performance and operational aspects of potential projects, including considering the synergies that could be achieved across project implementations according to annual work plans/cycles of existing and potential projects.


  1. Specific Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Lead the preparation, review and final documentation of Ukrainian refugee assessment in Greece.
  • Identify key proposal and donor-related information linked to new funding opportunities and prepare assessments of the opportunities to be submitted to the ASB SMT.
  • Lead and/or support the coordination and development of high-quality proposals for submission to donors based on best practises, project efficacy and ASB strategic goals added value.
  • Provide core support to ASB SMT to determine the soundness and efficacy of potential projects, including the risk assessments for projects.
  • Have capacity to work flexibly and independently, including changing work priorities at short notice and working under pressure when necessary to meet a short deadline, for example – for the submission of important project funding documents within the timeframe given by donors.
  • Ensure the timely submission of high-quality reports with a focus on ensuring proposals are realistic and sound financially and can operationally be implemented with the allocated resources.





  • During his/her work, uphold all relevant ASB standards, codes of conduct, and humanitarian principles;
  • Act in a way that is sensitive to gender, protection, the environment and other important cross-cutting concerns;
  • Fully comply with the ASB safety and security procedures.


This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skills, effort, duties and responsibilities associated with the position. All staff of ASB is expected to be flexible and contribute constructively towards achieving the goals of ASB in Greece.


  1. Reports to:

Country Director


  1. Staff Management:


  1. Collaborations:
  • Senior Management Team ASB Greece;
  • PR and Communications Department
  • MEAL Department


  1. Requirements:
  • Bachelor or Master’s degree, preferably in social sciences, education and/or management/marketing. If the candidate does not have the desired educational background, but has the desired practical experience needed, s/he can still apply;
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, flexible and wide understanding of the Ukrainian community’s needs;
  • Ukrainian or EU National, legally allowed to work in Greece;
  • Spoken and written fluency in English and Ukrainian;
  • Patience, a ‘can-do’ mentality and a good sense of humour;
  • Sensitivity to the needs and priorities of different humanitarian sectors;
  • Literacy, numeracy, and record keeping skills;
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently;
  • Preference will be given to migrants and refugees, and gender sensitivity will be applied.


  1. Benefits
  • ASB standard two days of paid leave per month (plus seniority legal additions);
  • Extra private life and accident insurance;
  • Relocation accommodation bonus, 7 days if applicable to the position
  • Organizational phone, with monthly credit;


  1. Base of Position

Thessaloniki or home based


  1. Length of contract

Initial contract until 31/07/2022 with possibility for extension


  1. How to apply:

All interested parties are requested to submit their CV and Cover Letter in English to the following address: clearly stating the “Ukraine refugees’ situation and needs assessment expertin the subject field. The deadline for application submission is  May 17th, 2022, at 23:59 hrs. Kindly note that if a suitable candidate is identified, the vacancy will be closed sooner than the deadline.



By applying to this Job Advertisement, the applicant concedes that ASB Greece will manage any data provided by her/ him until the end of this process and only. If the applicant wishes for the data to be kept for a period of 6 months, in order to be included in other similar recruitment process, should be clearly stated in the application email by copying the exact following:


“I concede and allow ASB Greece to keep the documents/ files and data included in them, for a period of 6 months, starting from the date of dispatch, and in order to be used only for the purpose of further recruitment that I might be suitable. I have the right to recall this consent at any point, by sending a written application in the form of email to

(1) As per ASB Greece salary scale 2021. All amounts are net amounts, calculation of the gross amounts will be done for each candidate as per Greek Labour and Tax Law.