ASB’s Non-Formal Education provides Greek classes for children

Spyridoula Chandrinou, an ASB Non-Formal Education teacher provides Greek classes for children 6 to 12 With the support of IOM Greece. She shares her experience with us.

When we arrive at the site, we cannot miss the multicolored clothes drying in the wind. Green fields specked with dandelions catch our eyes and in the background, the hills and surrounding mountains infuse the energy of the place with a peaceful mood. Right in front of us, one can see part of the site where refugees from many different countries live together creating new inspiring Communities.

The space where daily Greek classes are provided to children 6 – 12  is a container transformed in a school. Spiridoula Handrinou, the teacher, opens the school door and welcomes the children.

They come in one by one; it is a class mainly composed by children speaking Persian and Dari who all learn Greek from scratch. Greek is taught through playful activities, with a lot of drawing and today we shape letters with clay. The children learn how to write and speak and of course can already read the first words of this new language for them. They are surprisingly quiet and disciplined paying
attention to the teacher who comes by the desks to encourage each of them and explain or correct anything that has to be.


Shaping the letters with plasticine clay


Spyridoula Halandri shares her teaching experience with us:

“It brings me so much joy to see how dedicated they are and also see them smile. This summer is difficult but what remains are the joyful moments of daily life. It is definitely a summer full of lessons, interesting and playful activities and above all a lot of fun.  My teaching experience in this site is “a life experience, especially in the pandemic context that influences our life at all levels“.