COVID-19: Refugees in Epirus sew over 1000 masks

Refugees staying at long term accommodation sites in Epirus sew over 1000 masks.

The novel corona virus pandemic, COVID-19, has made life difficult for everyone all over the world. Due to the needs brought on by the pandemic the ASB team in Epirus is supporting the community staying at the long term accommodation sites in the sewing of hundreds of cloth masks.

Hala Al Hamood, Siba Al Hamood and Arsa Aitmemi told us that through their voluntary work and with the support of ASB (provision of sewing machines and materials) they have sewn over 1000 masks with 500 more in the pipeline.
According to the volunteers the COVID – 19 crisis “scared them at first” but “we kept to all the measures, implemented physical distancing and followed all the Greek government rules.”
Asked why they are undertaking this initiative, they tell us that “making the masks makes us feel like we are helping in this crisis even if it is just a small gesture” adding that “ASB has given us courage to continue and we want to help each other and the other refugees in this situation.”
All beneficiaries staying at all the long term accommodation sites were informed about COVID 19 prevention measures through guidelines provided by the Greek Government with the support of the International Organisation for Migration.
On the completion of the masks the ASB SMS team will distribute them to all the sites in Epirus.