Urgent assistance for migrants in Serbia

ASB South Eastern Europe

ASB South Eastern Europe

After the outburst of migrant crises in the Balkans 2015, ASB focused its efforts on the municipalities which are situated on the northern border of Serbia, close to Hungary (Kanjiža and Subotica).

After the outburst of migrant crises in the Balkans, ASB focused its efforts on the municipalities which are situated on the northern border of Serbia, close to Hungary (Kanjiža and Subotica). During July and August, ASB team, consisted of engineers, social workers and volunteers visited this area and provided urgent assistance to a large number of refugees.
In Kanjiža, ASB was heavily involved in initial setting up of the shelter and is in the daily contact with the staff managing the shelter. We provided eight mobile toilets, sanitary container with showers and hot water, and external system of taps with running water (20 taps). ASB is closely monitoring the situation, and supporting the Shelter on the daily basis. Nevertheless, more support is needed. We are in the process of providing more sanitary containers and toilets. Moreover, we are organizing a mobile teams consisted of social workers, nurses, doctors and translators, supported by persons for technical support and drivers.
Most of the migrants in Subotica are situated on the location of the old brickyard factory (Stara Ciglana), 2 km outside of the city center. The migrants are using this location as a resting point because there are two open wells where they can wash and refresh. ASB installed eight mobile toilets in Stara Ciglana but it is very hard to provide more structural support because of the lack of electricity and running water.
According to the data of Ministry for internal affairs of Serbia, more than 90.000 migrants were registered to enter Serbia from the beginning of 2015. Majority of migrants are entering Serbia from FYROM and Bulgaria, on its south and east borders, but mostly at the border town of Preševo. Currently, the situation in Preševo, concerning the migrants crisis, is alarming, but under control, having in mind that the Government of Serbia opened a shelter in Preševo on 8th of July, 2015, which is located in the old Tobacco company. Around 1500 migrants are entering Serbia and stopping at Preševo each day. According to the Commissionaire for refugees and migration statement, during the next month or two, influx of 2000 to 3000 refugees a day will is expected.

In the years to come, ASB BiH will continue to efficiently respond to eventual natural disasters and refugee crisis and deliver professionals services in fields related to the vast ASB’s expertise and experience.

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund in Bosnia and Herzegovina has reconstructed homes in Orasje, Domaljevac and Samac municipalities affected by May 2014 floods and is working on many more projects in the region. After the severe floodings in Bosnia and Herzegowina in 2014, ASB has reconstructed houses and helped the families to build up a living again.
By the end of October 2015, ASB in Bosnia and Herzegovina has reconstructed 15 homes in Orasje, Domaljevac and Samac municipalities affected by May 2014 floods with its own funds in the amount 140,000 €.

In cooperation and close coordination with EU/UNDP Flood Recovery Program and respective municipal authorities, ASB has focused on housing units that were not rehabilitated under the EU/UNDP Program due to higher level of damage. Moreover, ASB is currently reconstructing additional 6 flood-affected homes in the same project area with its own funds in the amount of € 58,000.
It is also important to mention, that ASB has been awarded by EU/UNDP and recently implemented three consecutive Contracts for Professional Services for selection and verification of 965 flood-affected families and provision of 965 technical specifications for respective housing units hit by May 2014 floods in the Posavina region, in the total amount of € 340,000.

When added to saving lives in Samac municipality by providing ASB Water Treatment Plant in the immediate aftermath of the May 2014 floods, immediate provision of food and hygiene items for flood victims and building operational capacities of Civil Protection Units in ten Posavina and Central Bosnia municipalities jointly with German Government, the overall ASB flood-related operations has positioned ASB in BiH as one of the most reliable and fast-responding emergency and post-disaster recovery agencies in the Country.

Within the EU-funded project of ASB’s Roma Action Program there have been three visibility events in Bosnia in December 2015. During the ceremonies, houses and flats have been handed over to Roma families who had no proper and safe home before.
In the village of Stanojevici, Capljina municipality, the closing ceremony for construction of housing units for five Roma families has been held in the presence of Capljina municipality mayor, Mr Smiljan Vidic and OSCE representative Mr. James Palmer. During the ceremony, ASB took the opportunity to officially hand over its vehicle as a direct donation to the Roam Association “ADA” from Capljina. The donated vehicle will serve for the transport of Roma children to schools from the housing location to the village Stanojevici where the construction of homes has taken place within the ongoing Roma Action project.
In Kakanj, ASB has officially handed over a 10-flats apartment building for Roma families to the Kakanj mayor Mr. Nermin Mandra in the presence of the Assistant Minister from the State Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Mr. Sefket Hafizovic. The apartments are part of the social housing concept and are sized from 20 to 60 square meter.
A 16-flats-apartment building for Roma families was handed over to the Zenica mayor Mr. Husein Smajlovic. The EU Program Manager, Mr. Vlado Pandurevic as well the Assistant Minister from the State Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Mr. Sefket Hafizovic took also part in the ceremony. The apartments sized from 25 to 65 square meters are part of the social housing concept in Zenica. The mayor thanked all those involved for this valuable contribution to providing assistance to vulnerable Roma families in Zenica and expressed his willingness to continue financially contributing to such projects in the future and investing in efforts for the social inclusion of the Roma community within the municipality of Zenica.
The overall EU project had a total value of three million Euros and has assisted 152 Roma families with housing and associated technical infrastructure, livelihood measures and awareness raising concerning social inclusion of Roma in Bosnia and Herzegowina. The project has been implemented in partnership of ASB with Hilfswerk Austria International as well as the Bosnian Association Kali Sara.