Heaters for school and public spaces in Diavata Anagnostopoulou

Today ASB team started the installation of heating cabinets in the school building where mothers with children gather to warm up and even spend the night when inside the tents is too cold, inside the Diavata refugee camp near Thessaloniki. Happiness of the children, who realized that school will soon be a warm place to learn new things every day was our reward and motivation to work harder. Electrical works on these two buildings will continue during the weekend and very soon school will be the favorite place of both children and devoted teachers, regardless of the cold temperatures outside. This project was funded by German Federal Office Foreign Ministry , important actions within a larger project of providing mobile houses to all the refugees in the camp in Diavata, that is to be delivered by ASB Greece and funded by European Commission – Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection (ECHO)

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