Ioannina Lake Run 2022: ASB participates in 5km race

ASB participates in the 2022 Ioannina Lake Run on September 17th. Runners showed extraordinary determination during the 5 km race which was  widely attained by the local population. With the support of IOM

Despite adverse weather predictions, all runners showed up with an unrelenting team spirit because each participant wanted to run for their group and why not for a first place as well!

Golrang Nazari said she tried to finish in first place but came in second place in their group, highlighting that “that’s important for me” whereas Amr Ali Rezai said he tried his best to finish in first place and didn’t succeed but “finished first place in his group”. From their part Nazita Abdul Zaher and Zahra Abassi warmly thanked the organisation for their support and participation, with Zahra adding that “my dream is to be able to move forward in my life, for me and my family and live the rest of our lives in peace”. 

All runners expressed gratefulness for ASB support and wished they could prepare for the next upcoming Marathon to participate again after exercising and preparing themselves still better.

We congratulate them and wish them good luck for the next race!

Watch the video for more!