ITQ – Doliana and Katsikas: Installation of radio systems for the internet supply

ASB invites eligible applicants to submit quotations via email for the provision of Installation of radio systems for the internet supply at Katsikas and Doliana Open Centers of Temporary Reception, in Epirus, Greece

ASB intends to award a supplier with a framework agreement, for the period June 2019 to December 2019.                                                                                                                                           The supplier must follow the minimum required criteria, expected deliverables and mandatory submission documents, as described in the following file: 

[download id=”2254″]

Prices will remain fixed for the duration of the agreement along with stock availability and ASB will inquire partial deliveries within 7 working days from the official request.

Prices must be expressed in Eur. The price has to include, but is not limited to, cost, pricing, terms and conditions, service levels, and all other information, VAT24%, labor, transportation, installation, delivery and all other relevant costs.

Kindly note partial quotations will not be considered. To be eligible you must submit an Updated tax-free certificate / ΦορολογικήΕνημερότητα. Updated social contribution free certificate / Ασφαλιστικήενημερότητα. Acceptance of all terms and conditions of this ITQ along with Annex 2 Privacy statement for processing of personal data within the implementation of the public procurement procedures organized by ASB Greece.

Quotations must be submitted:  Via e-mail at

Submission to any other method or email, deems quotation as invalid.

Deadline for submission is Monday, 24 th of June 2019. 15:00 p.m. EET Eastern European Time. Please use the Document ITQ to submit your bid. The document must be signed and stamped at the end of each page in Pdf.

Should you have questions about this Invitation to Quote, please contact us via e-mail