Social integration and empowerment of minor refugees and their families

In the most difficult of times, when shelter and food are the priorities, we must not forget the needs for integration and empowerment of refugees, so that in future they can help themselves better, not depending on help of others.

ASB’s implementing partner on a project funded by German Federal Foreign Office – ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth, is implementing the project called “Organizing the supporting network for social integration and empowerment of minor refugees and their families in the Thessaloniki area”, organizing supporting activities for refugee children, youth and their families through the operation of a Youth Support Centre (YSC).

The Youth Support Centre (YSC) is an existing structure of ARSIS, located on the 1st floor at 40 Ptolemeon street, Thessaloniki, that adopts a holistic approach in the child protection sector. The activities of the Youth Support Centre are supported by a Social Service, a programme of Educational Support and Recreational Activities, beneficiaries’ Administrative Support and Support in Kind (NFIs and FIs). For the approach of the beneficiaries ARSIS also uses the methodological tools of Street Work and Mobile School.

Within the same project, Youth Support Centre also organizes an awareness raising campaign for Human Rights at Thessaloniki Public Schools, aiming at  easier and smoother integration of refugees through providing information for school teachers, students and Parents Associations.

The implementation period of the project is until the end of May 2018. We will keep on working hard to provide better living conditions for refugees, putting an accent on the youngest among them, as they need help the most.

Special thank you to German Federal Foreign Office, who once again recognized the need for devoting necessary funds to make the above-mentioned activities possible.