Successful minor surgery done in clinic inside the refugee camp

A 16 year old Syrian refugee who is currently hosted in the unaccompanied minors guesthouse in Diavata Anagnostopoulou camp asked the doctor’s advice on the problem with his foot.

His family is left behind and he came from Turkey six months ago, alone, walking all the way here with an overgrown nail in his toe, entering the flesh and causing inflammation and severe pain. The only solution he had from the various medical consultations until two weeks ago was the local antibiotics treatment, but this just transformed the inflammation from acute to chronic.

A doctor working for WAHA international, the implementing partner of ASB on the project funded by ECHO, did the detailed examination and decided that a minor surgery and removing the nail would be the best option. Dr Vasilis Foutsitzis, the experienced surgeon, brought his sterilized equipment one Saturday and with the assistance of nurse Lazaros Bouzoukas, performed the operation.

Boy is relieved from the chronic pain and next week will be able to wear a shoe at last.

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