The ASB e-Learning Platform – When educational needs blend with technology

ASB with the support of IOM through programs of Non-Formal Education, designed and implemented an innovative educational e-learning platform.

The Covid-19 pandemic from its onset until today occasioned various issues challenging the daily life of beneficiaries in reception sites and structures all over Greece.

One of the main issues that needed to be addressed immediately and in a creative way was the closure of primary and secοndary schools. As a response to this challenge, various possible means were explored to help students achieve their educational goals. Hence, students were invited to follow and remain in contact with the educational system online because the use of the internet proved to be the only sustainable solution to connect the learning community and the teachers.


ASB relying on its experience and know – how – with the support of IOM and the funding of DG HOME – through programs of Non-Formal Education, timely recognized this need and therefore designed and implemented an innovative educational e-learning platform.  The e-learning platform was designed based on the various lessons and activities which were already organized for the beneficiaries when they were physically present in Diavata, Katsika, Filippiada and Doliana LTACs.

Non-Formal- Education manager, Dora Seitanidou states: “The use of technology combined to teaching methods and possibilities offered by the educational platform constitute the principal aim of the Non- Formal Education program while it is often the best choice to remain in contact with the beneficiaries.”

Lessons in Greek, English, mathematics, computers, science but also activities such as theatre, arts and sports can be discovered and used freely on the ASB educational platform. It constitutes a teacher-friendly designed material adapted to the ASB Non-Formal Education teachers.

You can have a look here at lessons for adults and here to look into the world of lessons for preschoolers

Xemi Bozini,  the instructional designer of the NFE e-learning platform clarifies: “My role is to unify the huge amount of material the NFE staff have worked on into a seamless result, having always in mind the background and educational needs of our students. This task involves providing guidance on the structure of units and the use of external tools, uploading the material ensuring that the design be optimal for the potential user through a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

A typical example is the video that has been designed for information showing how simple and easy it is to navigate the educational platform.

Teachers in many cases, often use the platform tools in their e-teaching classes to familiarize students with them, as well as refer their students to the platform by giving them homework.

“Technology provides us with useful educational tools, be it inside or outside the classroom, even though the physical presence of the teacher cannot be replaced. The use of the internet is an easy and funny means to boost the students who are already familiarized with the net because they surf, look up information or even play games on a daily basis. Moreover, the e-learning platform of ASB gives the user the choice to control his own educational procedure while using a device.”

Chrysa Markopoulou, teacher of English agrees and says, “the beneficiaries play an active role in their education and discover new ways to acquire knowledge and skills.”

Regardless of all difficulties that might occur, the institution of the teacher is maintained with a view to remain close to the students in every possible way.

Ms. Seitanidou adds: “Another issue we work on and want to achieve is to familiarize students with educational electronic applications. ASB teaching staff constantly informs via

updates, announcements and info sessions on the use of the educational platform”.

The platform is aimed at children, teenagers and adults with a variety of interesting topics adapted for both women and men.

Ms. Seitanidou recognises that there are challenges but states that “the beneficiaries have the continuous support of the entire ASB team and we as a team also focus on motivating parents and students so that education becomes their priority”.