The ASB warehouse

ASB’s WASH team plays a major role in supplying beneficiaries with efficient support on their daily needs and housing repairs. With the support of DG Home and IOM Greece.

To create a peaceful homely and safe environment for communities in transit towards integration, housing units are a crucial daily necessity. Looking at most sites, practical related helpdesk requests are a priority and containers have to be continually looked after and improved. Whenever and whatever damage occurs it has to be addressed timely.

Just to cite a few: Leaks, toilets repairs, electricity flaws, roof issues, light bulbs, tables, chairs and beds, and a myriad of seemingly trivial plumbing matters who need to be fixed daily.

Who else as the WASH teams could do this? The team is fueled by plumbers, electricians and engineers, to mention only a few skilled workers in the field. As a matter of fact, the Warehouse is ordered, clean and organized towards this goal.The team proudly showed us their work environment and a few aspects of their daily tasks: cutting, repairs, and furnishing the containers.