The breast is the best!

Under the moto: “The Breast is the best!”, ASB’s implementing partner on the ECHO funded project held another educational session about breastfeeding for pregnant women and mothers.

On 21st June in Loutra Volvis, there was an educational session about breastfeeding, presented by our certified expert midwife. The aim of the session was the empowerment of women in childbearing age to be persuaded about the benefits of breastfeeding for themselves, their children and the society and to breastfeed in the future as new mothers.

In audience there were not only pregnant women, but also mothers, some of which had breastfed their children in the past and others had not. There were also some elderly women that now have older children or granddaughters that are in childbearing age themselves. The scheduled time to complete the presentation was one hour. However, the beneficiaries expressed a keen interest, asking questions sharing their own experience upon the topic. There was laughing with jokes and some women were even emotionally moved while they remembered the quick weaning or the unexpected efforts to establish breastfeeding. Thus, the meeting lasted more than two hours in total.

At the end, the beneficiaries promised to the midwife that they will try to spread their new knowledge about breastfeeding to other women in the community. Their cordial response was impressive. It was a lovely experience even for our experienced midwife.

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