These are the winners of the Unicef “No child for sale” contest

Today was finally the big day! A windy day in Katsikas where five adolescents, surrounded and encouraged by their ASB  Non Formal Education and Protection teams were rewarded for their active and colorful participation in the art contest “No child for sale” launched in the frame of the Unicef awareness campaign on the occasion of the European Anti-Trafficking day.


The winners surrounded by their ASB teams in presence of Mrs Konstantina Karvouni (right), Representative of the Greek Ministry of Migration for the Reception Identification Service (RIS) of Katsikas Long-Term Accomodation Center (LTAC).

The activity was prepared with the continuous encouragements of ASB protection and Non-Formal education teams in several afternoon gatherings. With the support of IOM Greece.

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The works were admired in a digital exhibition, on the occasion of European Anti-Trafficking day and the adolescents who won the third prize for this wonderful painting now received in a huge poster format! It goes without saying that the teams were overjoyed.


But is it all about winning a prize? No words can better answer this question than those of Erfan, 16 years old: “We were presented with five quotes on Human Trafficking and decided to not choose one of them but to represent them in one unique poster. We in fact chose all quotes and mixed them. When I started the painting I had a good feeling. I knew it would share a message. I didn’t do it for a price. I did it to send a message. We were together, and put the colors. Everybody participated. At first we were eight and then four of us finalized the poster. The ladies (women’s group) told us which colors to chose”

Benjamin who came by bike (8 kilometers in wind and rain) from the city center where he lives since a few days, was very happy that they got the third place. “It was a very good experience that I did it!” he said.

The winner of the Bar Code poster said he was very surprised that this poster had won a prize. He said “one picture is a million words” and I believe not much explanation is needed: people are not for sale, they are not supermarket goods. People have to be free.”

On behalf of the Greek Ministry of Migration, Dina Karvouni, Katsikas’ responsible of the Reception Identification Service (RIS) gave the presents to the participants and addressed them this encouraging message:

“I really liked the representation of the subject. I am amazed. Congratulations are not enough for what you did.  We will not stick to the ranking but I want to tell you to go on with your efforts and keep up the effort in all circumstances and future periods of your lifes”.


ASB teams surrounding the winner in Agia Eleni