ASB in West Germany after the Second World War

After 1945, in the Soviet occupation zone, the Soviet Military Administration in Germany suppressed ASB, which consequently did not exist in the later German Democratic Republic (GDR). In 1946 ASB was re-established in the western parts of Germany. By 1950 there were 100 ASB columns. During the 1950’s ASB concentrated as a charity organization. The First-Aid training and the rescue service as well as the emergency transport were, just like today, the main fields of ASB’s work. ASB also took care of refugees coming to Western Germany from the GDR, whose numbers continued to rise. In April 1952 ASB Deutschland eV was officially founded. The seat of the federation was initially Hanover, then with the construction of new federal headquarters, the seat was moved to Sülz. After German reunification, ASB was established in 1990 in the eastern federal states.