World Health Day: Discussing health prevention with adolescents

For World Health Day, the ASB Protection team organized a series of info-sessions on health prevention addressed to adolescents in different sites. Teenagers learned more on health preventive actions being given the opportunity to ask many questions to staff members of the EODY (National Public Health Organization), present in the session; with the support of IOM.

The EODY staff was composed by Irini Noula, the health visitor on vaccination and prevention, and the midwife, Anthi Tzalokosta.

As an introduction, adolescents had a discussion on preventive medicine. Basic exams like blood exams, urinalysis, heart check-up, vaccination were discussed as well as the daily actions that we could take to keep ourselves healthy such as personal hygiene, adopting a balanced diet and exercising. Participants posed several questions regarding vaccination (HPV) and about healthy food.

In another health prevention class the adolescents were keen on posing questions on reproductive health matters. They were interested to learn on how to go about sexual hygiene and birth prevention. HPV vaccination, Pap Test, contraceptive methods and how to avoid Sexual Transmitted Diseases were among the subjects covered during the session where once again EODY staff were prone to inform the teenagers through a scientific and age-appropriate approach.

At the end of the discussion, soaps were distributed to adolescents.

It is a fact that due to societal shifts and vulnerabilities today adolescents are at heightened risks for poor health outcomes. To promote effective prevention and treatment is essential not only to diffuse basic health notions but also to protect adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health.